Winter Planning

We sure learned a lot from our first growing season and are proud we were able to bring a number of specials to the Pub. Now while the land is resting, we’ve been busy with seed catalogs, planning the crop rotation, preparing equipment and plans for using sustainable organic methods.  

We’ve got some early crops already sprouting, and the little Farmer is helping where ever he can!

Seedlings & the little farmer.JPG

We’ve settled on Misneach Farms as the name for our newest adventure. It means Courage in Gaelic, since we are not experianced farmers that's what it's going to take to make it happen! 

Misneach Image.jpg

Someone asked - So What's with the sticks? Actually, that's Ogham the earliest written representation of the Irish language.  Here's our name in Ogham.

McGarry Ogham.jpg

The Food Truck is at the Farm, we see it every day as if to remind us "I’m waiting my turn".  Bill's looking for a replacement rear axle, something to do with the brakes, he seems to think brakes are important.

The Little Farmer


 Say hello to the Little Farmer.  Warren Scott was born at 11am on May 7th weighing in at 7lbs 4oz. He’s been helping around the farm as Mom and Nana weed and water.   


We are thrilled to share that we made our first produce delivery to the Pub!   Lettuce, Kale, Radishes and Green Onions. Chef Garrett turned it into a mid week Farm Salad special.   Hey, it's a start!  We’ll have lots more vegetables coming as summer progresses.

The house is nearing completion and we’re told we’ll be moving in mid July.  

With everything else going on no progress on the food truck except we got our hands on the Dodge maintenance manual so at least we know what we are looking at.