Now we're farmers!

Ok, so we’re not farmers but having no experience has never stopped us from doing something before...So, together with our daughter Beth and her husband Joe we’ve bought a farm.

We’re not promising anything more then we will grow what we can using sustainable organic methods and serve what we can, when we can at McGarry’s Pub.  

The basic concept of Farm to Table has been around long enough to have gained many definitions.  For us, it means growing stuff on our land and bringing it to you when you visit McGarry’s Pub. To be clear, there’s no way our little farm can grow all the produce we use at The Pub but we will make sure to identify what we do use when we use it.   

We’re really excited to have Chef Garrett to help us out. The Chef’s background with the Good Earth and his own green thumb will come in very handy.

The Farm is located in Corcoran on Rebecca Park Trail about 9 miles from the Pub. Home construction begins shortly with a projected move-in date by the end of June.  We’re just planning what we can do this our first year, we’ll keep you posted as things progress.